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Bandag Tire Retreading – the answer you’ve been searching for

Denray Tire is a firm believer in the Bandag Tire Retreading process. We’ve been using this tire retreading process since 1975 – working closely with Bandag to help our fleet clients save on expenses – while we do our part for the environment.

The Bandag Tire Retreading Story

The retreading story is right for fleets, right for our economy, and right for our environment. It’s time to stand for what’s right – be the voice for the retreading industry. It’s time to tell the world there’s a better way to go – it’s time to build a brighter future… together!

Bandag - Built for Sustainability

Doing the right thing for your business, while doing the right thing for the planet is not always easy. Bandag is working with fleets to prove that profitability and sustainability can go hand in hand. Tire retreading is the answer – it’s a cleaner solution, a local solution – a better solution.

Retread tire study by John Woodrooffe

Video of John Woodrooffe, Research Scientist Emeritus, Vehicle Safety Analysis, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute

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