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Fleet Management

If you can’t measure it – you can’t manage it!

Before Denray Tire can make any cost-saving recommendations, we first must understand what your tire and service costs currently are. Listed below, are the tools we use to understand and help reduce your overall tire and service costs.

1. Fleet Surveys

Provide a customized picture of the current condition of your tire program. We can tell you through your personalized fleet summary report things like what conditions require immediate actions, retread vs new tire ratio, what kind of retreads and new tires you are running, tire sizes, inflation distribution in your fleet, and a remaining tread depth summary of all your tires. We’re even able to tell you if your fleet has irregular wear problems. By discussing this information with our customers, they are able to help us understand what their challenges are so that we can work with them in a proactive manner to develop a sensible long-term solution.

Empowers you to determine where immediate repairs or long-term improvements can be made.

A benchmark to monitor the progress of your tire maintenance program. It allows you to compare one year to the next to ensure that the initiatives you have in place are working. We recommend that this survey becomes part of a continuous improvement process.

2. Scrap Tire Analysis

Those tires in your scrap pile could be worth money (casing credit, retreadable). Let us send those into our plants to find out. Doing so also generates a Scrap Tire Report which tells you exactly why your tires are coming out of service. Is it operational (driver related) or service related (is your current service provider doing a good job)? What were the remaining tread depths? Who manufactured these retreads? We’ll be able to answer these questions and more for you.

3. Performance Tracking

Tracking and comparing your tires’ operating cost per kilometer is critical in maximizing the efficiency of your fleet. Tires are the second highest cost driver of your fleet after fuel, so it’s where you can have the largest impact on cost control. Denray Tire has the ability to assess the performance of the tires our customers are currently running and report on the operating costs of each.

4. Retread Reporting

Denray Tire tracks and produces retread reports on:

  • Percentage of your casings that are being retreaded
  • Percentage of your casings that are being rejected
  • Reject causes

Statistics can be reviewed as frequently as required.

5. Unit Cost Reports


6. Denray Tire Total Cost Summary Reports

Fleet Management - Denray Tire - Winnipeg Manitoba

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