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For over 40 years, Denray Tire has been known for its quality tire retread services, new tire sales and most importantly, its valued relationships with staff and customers alike.

Dennis and Jean Braun founded the company from the ground up, building the core of their business around the people who were an invaluable part of it. The ideas and creative input from the company’s employees have always been an essential part of its success, from day one. Today, the business is run by their sons, Derek and Brad Braun – truly a family-owned business.

In that sense, Denray Tire is not only family owned and operated by the Brauns, but by the company’s work family as well. Family comes first at Denray Tire, where we believe that if your home is happy, your work is happy. We strive to achieve a healthy balance between home and work, ensuring our team is well taken care of.

Employees are close-knit and customers are welcomed back again and again, emphasizing the company’s focus on building lasting relationships. We’ve even forged relationships with other family run businesses across Canada, so no matter where you are, Denray Tire can connect you with a company that can help.

With a solid foundation of great people, Denray Tire continues to grow its footprint in western Canada. The company has expanded from a single facility to a large operation with more than 100 employees, sixteen service trucks and eight locations across the province, all while maintaining its down-home roots.

This mix of big-business growth and small-business mentality has shaped Denray Tire into what it is today, a company with a family philosophy and a strong service network that provides its customers with the very best.

Denray Tire – let our family, help your family.

Denray Tire - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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